Vandenberg Horticulture is a wholesale horticultural distribution company. Vandenberg Hort. supplies everybody from Greenhouses to Garden Centers, and Nurseries to Landscapers! Supplying the industry with Flower bulbs, Perennials, Fruits, Started Plants and a wide range of Greenhouse and nursery supplies from our 25,000 square foot warehouse. Vandenberg Hort. is based out of Howell, Michigan , which is conviently located within easy driving distance from many of the states largest cities. If you can't make it here we have trucks on the road year round, to make sure your horticultural products get to you quickly and safely!


Vision Statement

"Through sound business morals and ethics, we are dedicated to being a leading horticultural entity supplying the Great Lakes region. Vandenberg Horticulture will continue to earn the right to be your preferred supplier and nurture the needs of your growing company."

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Some Really Cool Plants

Calibrachoa 'Callie Star Pink' (Syngenta)
Calibrachoa 'Callie Yellow' (Syngenta)
Kwik Kombo Night in Pompeii
Kwik Kombo Plumtastic
Zinnia Swizzle Cherry & Ivory
Verbena Lanai Twister Red Improved
Zinnia Magellan Yellow
Vinca Sunstorm Red Halo

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