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Finished Products

Bohemia Nursery

Description:  Perennials in 1-3 gallon pots

Davidson Greenhouse

Description:  indoor foliage and flowering plants, including geraniums and begonias, basket plants, cacti and succulents

Fly-trap Farm

Description:  Supplier of 25ct trays of Venus Flytraps and Mixed Carnivorous Plants in 3" pots. Call or see VBC Catalog for further info, availability, and pricing.

Lincoln Nurseries

Description:  trees, shrubs, perennials and roses $1500 minimum order for deliveries, no minimums for pick-ups

Maryland Aquatics Nursery

Description:  Aquatic plants and supplies

O.F. Nelson & Sons

Description:  Producer of Pre-finished 4"-10" pots of Bouganvillea, Clerodenrum, Dipladenia, Gardenia, Jasmine, Mandevilla, Tibouchina, and Brown Turkey Figs

Opel Growers

Description:  Perennials, Herbs, Groundcovers in Quarts, #1 pots, and 3.5" pots. Check current availabilities posted at their website:

Post Gardens Greenhouse

Description:  Michigan grower of Pre-finished Easter Lilies in 6" pots.

Sinbad Crafts and Plants

Description:  air plants, bromeliads, live plants

Twixwood Nursery

Description:  Groundcovers, perennials, vine, grasses, and shrubs. Click on link below to access live availability at their website.

Cost Prices:  Twixwood Catalog 2017

Woodburn Nursery

Description:  Dormant Azaleas and Budded Rhododendrons